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Why invest in Limburg?

Location, location, location

The heart of Europe

The Meuse-Rhine Euroregion lies at the heart of western Europe’s ‘Fertile Crescent’ stretching from Manchester to London, through the Benelux countries, Paris, Germany, and Switzerland to Milan. The area accounts for two thirds of Europe’s Gross Domestic Product.

Europe's hub

Dutch Limburg forms the region’s hub with Europe’s largest seaports, roads, mainports and local airports, and inland shipping ports all part of our neighborhood.

All of this puts Limburg at the heart of value-added logistics, service industries, and trade. Limburg is within reach of every European destination in just a matter of hours. More than 500 companies from around the world have made the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion their home.

We have all the major western languages at our doorstep. Spanish and Italian; Baltic, Balkan, and Slavic languages; Turkish and Arabic… it’s all nearby.