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Medtronic is a leader in the field of medical technology, services and solutions. The company provides a huge range of medical devices, including pacemakers, insulin pumps, ICDs, stents, heart valves and neurostimulators. Every second, two patients receives treatment with a Medtronic product or therapy to relieve pain, restore health or extend life. Worldwide, this adds up to more than 10 million people every year. The American company has been present in Limburg for many years and experiences every day the benefits of this unique location close to the border.

So it is no coincidence that the Medtronic international distribution centre was established here to meet optimally the needs of hospitals, distributors and patients. The company also has a sales office in Heerlen, the Bakken Research Center and a training centre at Maastricht and a production facility in Kerkrade.

Investing in the region

Medtronic considers it important to invest in its workforce, but equally important to invest in its future employees. That is one of the reasons why the company entered into cooperation with the Leeuwenborgh Regional Training Centre. To address the tight regional labour market in the years ahead, the business community, education system and public sector must unite in their efforts to assure a supply of sufficiently qualified personnel. For this same reason the parties jointly launched the training programme to ensure that sufficient qualified personnel are available and remain in the region. "Qualified and motivated people are what make the difference every day for our patients", says Medtronic’s Sikko Zoer, Vice-President Supply Chain.

Regional cooperation

Besides championing the cause of the Limburg region, Medtronic cooperates closely with other organisations as a way of combining forces, for example via an initiative called Limburg Economic Development. The goal of this cooperative venture between the private sector, public sector and education system is to put Limburg on the map as a top technology region, with the objective of ranking among Europe’s top 10 in 2020. The initiative is of significance to the future of the sizeable logistical activities in Limburg.