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Braden Europe

Braden Europe – established in Heerlen since 1992 – manufactures components for gas-fuelled power plants. “Our main clients are gas turbine producers,” explains Bert Nix, Director of Finance & HR at Braden Europe. “We are the preferred supplier for companies such as Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi and Alstom. “Our power plants are located across the globe, from South America to Russia and from Siberia to the Sahara desert.”

Gründich & locker

Siemens is one of Braden Europe’s main clients. Bert has noticed that in the collaboration with this Germany company, the culture of the province of Limburg offers quite a few advantages. “In Limburg we are, by default, quite German-oriented and we have seamlessly blended the German culture into ours. For many inhabitants of the region, it’s in their DNA. Our German client really appreciates this and describes us as ‘gründlich’ (thorough) but also ‘locker’ (relaxed).”

International setting

Engineering of our components, planning, project management, quality control, sales and administration are all concentrated at our Heerlen offices, whereas the production of components is outsourced to specialised partners abroad. “We have staff on location to oversee the production process”, Bert Nix continues.

The Braden Europe team comprises a wide variety of nationalities. “We have German, Belgian, Polish, Romanian and even Indian staff. We recruit people from all over the world. Limburg is an international setting where our foreign team members immediately feel at home. An example? One of our Indian team members chose to move to Heerlen for work, but also because his daughter can follow an international course in Maastricht and because there is a Buddhist temple in nearby Aachen.”

Collaboration with the German hinterland

Developing components for power plants is pure custom work, explains Bert Nix. “No power plant is the same. Geographical and legal factors, as well as the local climate, largely determine the design of each plant. This calls for very specific know-how and innovation. Thanks to our location, near the University of Aachen, and the much more targeted expertise in mechanical engineering in Germany, we have succeeded in setting up intensive partnerships with companies in the German hinterland.”

Bert Nix believes that Braden Europe’s location has an additional key advantage. “Our clients are global players and our team is spread all over the world. Therefore, an international location was a must. Here in Limburg we are easy to reach thanks to the many international airports nearby, as well as the good international railway links”, he explains.

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