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Michael Kors

Michael Kors is an American luxury fashion brand that operates in the high-end market segment. They are currently operating across the world and have established the EMEA brand for distribution in Limburg/Venlo, which includes all of Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey, the Middle East of part of Africa.
This means that they receive goods from their production facilities and manufacturers where the production takes place. In Venlo they take care of storage and distribution to clients.

Michael Kors is called a centre of excellence which means that all supply chain functions such as planning, customer services, distribution and logistics take place at this location. Between 200 and 300 people work here, depending on the season.

Michael Kors is in Venlo for three years now. They custom-developed this location especially for their company. They started with a distribution network analysis and made a calculation. This analysis showed that the sourthern Netherlands was the best location. Another important element was the logistic facilities so that they could multimodally receive their incoming goods by ship, lorry or train. It was important that larger transport companies and distribution companies were based here.

The logistic knowledge in this region is extensive and all the logistics solutions are here. As well as a multi-lingual workforce and various knowledge institutes.