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Key Industries

Information Technology

A Unique Location for Smart Services

Located in Heerlen, the Brightlands Smart Services Campus is the centre of new developments in the fields of Big Data, Internet of Things and Smart Services in the Euregion. The Brightlands Smart Services Campus is putting together a revolutionary institute consisting of researchers and educators, innovative entrepreneurs, and companies leading the field in of smart services.

The Campus offers a smart services community in which start-ups, young professionals, SME's and large-scale concerns can come together with leaders in academia and science to take on new project and work or innovations that allow everyone to grow.

Combining Location and Knowledge for R&D in Smart Services

Within the Smart Services Campus, the unique cooperation between Maastricht University, the Open University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in both research and education has resulted in the founding of the Business Intelligence and Smart Services (BISS) Institute. The Biss and its associated companies will focus on strategic human resource services and talent development, innovation in IT and infrastructure, data visualization, all increasing the ability to adapt to fast-changing markets and exploring new markets and products.

A Leading Data Research Center

Brightlands Smart Services Campus will be a unique community that combines basic research, applied research in real-time business cases, value creation, and education to accelerate business growth—all in an effort to develop talent and innovation in business and technology.
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