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Key Industries

High-Tech Systems

Why Limburg

The world is in anticipation of a fourth industrial revolution. Driven by giant leaps in ICT cross sector innovations that radically alter the face of industry. Automated production systems using advanced robotics and software pattern recognition techniques now join up fragmented manufacturing processes.

In Limburg, our High Tech niche companies aim te make manufacturing industry processes versatile in application of products and more competitive through faster and defined utilization of ICT opportunities - response to market is a key driver.

Limburg goals

The Limburg innovative industrial business community has a strong presence that provides economic growth and jobs through
  • capitalising on knowledge
  • acceleration in innovative fieldlabs and pilots
  • building cross border sector partnerships

The High Tech Smart Materials top sector in Limburg develops and produces high-end products, components, smart materials and services for customers worldwide. High Tech products produced in Limburg are intelligent, precise and efficient; on a global scale these products are applied in medical devices, semi-conductors, automotives, logistcs systems, aircraft, satelites and energy units.

On a national scale, HTSM of all top sectors exports goods to the value of 50% of private sector R&D investments in The Netherlands, Public and Private collaboration in R&D in short & long term to market projects form an essential link in HTSM value cycles in the circular economy.

In Limburg we formed subject matter expertise collaboration teams around a Golden Triangle als known as the Limburg Knowledge Axis resulting in companies, R&D campi, academic, ngo's and Governmental Ministeries working together to tackle economic challenges and achieve best results for cross border initiatives.

The Limburg Knowledge Axis partners include Holst Centre, IMEC Leuven, ESI European Space Institute and M2i.

Steel Cluster Limburg

In the heart of Europe, central to the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, 8 steel companies with a European market reach offer a steel business solution in steel manufacturing, processing, trade and distribution.

From decoiling, roll and shett treatment to slitting, cutting and tube production in a state of the art facility. Maastricht SteelPort had a multi-modal SLE inwarehouse rail & barge loading facility.

Maastricht steel offers expertise and growth opportunity.

The companies are: TATA Steel, ZNB, Maas Staal, Laura Metaal, Vogten Metals, Steel Solutions, Kersten Europe, Van Hoorn Carbide

Automotive cluster
The automotive industry in Limburg is a cluster organization that stimulates innovation and cooperation in the Euro region automotive sector and strengthens the international technology and business position of the European automotive sector. The automotive suppliers in Limburg and cross border regions grow and preserve this innovative industry and its spin-offs within Europe.

The Limburg Automotive Cluster companies achieve this by innovation and collaboration in cross sector initiatives.

Techniques applied in production, assembly and efficiency in logistics set the Limburg Automotive Cluster apart and allows form market position & growth.

cluster high tech systens.png

HTSM top sector companies in Limburg

Advanced instrumentation: optics, sensors&sensorsystems, precision technology, CERN Particle Accelorator, and nano technology
CERN MUMC, Sappi, GDO Precision Technology,UTC Aerospace, Intertek

Aeronautics: technology, MRO training and innovations in aerostructures, engine subsystems & components, maintenance repair & overhaul
UTC Aerospace, MAAS, SAMCO, Stella Aviation & AAR Leeuwenborgh

Automotive: Automotive Smart Mobility supply & assembly solutions, press shop and light weight Smart Materials (Composites & Carbons)
VDL Nedcar, Intertek, IHI, Mitsubishi

Components & Circuits: application of micro- & nano electronics for alternative energy sourcing, simulation in logistics, medical diagnostics advancements and intelligent manufacturing industries
MUMC, Medtronic, Boston Scientifc, GDO Precision Technology

High Tech Materials: smart materials embedded in manufacturing production of mass produced consumer goods and high end products

Nanotechnology: top sector cross over technology embedded in smart materials, electronics, optics and sensors
Sappi, Cellupalm

Printing: 3D printing technology with functional materials in advanced maesurement and control techniques in digital print platforms
OCE Canon, Xilloc

Solar: manufacture of solar energy units with innovations in photo-voltaics (storage mechnanisms) and solar fuels