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Key Industries

European Logistics

Multimodal access

Limburg is an ideal hub for logistics and distribution operations. We are within close proximity to:
  • airports in Amsterdam, Liège, Düsseldorf and Brussels;
  • sea ports in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp
  • inland waterways of the Meuse river, South Willem's Canal, and Juliana Canal and onward to the Rhine inland shipping systems;
  • rail connections for freight and passengers (including the international high speed train network);
  • and, of course, international roadways;

... all of which connect to Germany's Rhine-Ruhr industrial region and onward to Central Europe.

Logistics centers TNT Liège, UPS Cologne and DHL Brussels are all within easy reach.

Logistic Hotspot
Our central position between Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam and the inland port of Duisburg makes Limburg an ideal logistical hub. By keeping our multimodal facilities and customs expertise up to date, Limburg is the perfect location for European distribution centers, Value Added Logistics (VAL) and Value Added Services (VAS).Thanks to all these services, more than fifty medical technology companies have already located their distribution centers here. More than forty steel producers benefits from our logistical facilities. And the automotive sector has made an important niche for itself in central Limburg.

We offer:

  • a large numbers of logistic companies, large and small;
  • a healthy mix of small to midsized companies and large multinationals;
  • ample large (logistic) sites (see the map);
  • educational institutes at all levels of post-secondary education and sufficient qualified personnel at all levels.