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Key Industries

Chemistry and Materials

Limburg — A Powerful Ecosystem

Limburg has a significant and well-established chemical sector concentrated in and around the urban cluster of Sittard-Geleen. World-renowned companies such as DSM, SABIC, Sekisui, Celanese, OCI Nitrogen, LANXESS, and Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics have their headquarters, production and R&D activities here.

The chemical sector in Limburg features:

  • 15,000 jobs accounting for 20% of total industrial employment;
  • chemicals, plastics, and performance materials contribute 22% of total industrial employment;
  • EUR 1.3 billion of total industrial added value;
  • prospected growth to EUR 2.4 billion in 2020;
  • base-chem (SABIC) and high-chem (DSM) are clustered alongside specialized suppliers, service companies and research centers on and around the Chemelot Research and Business Campus offering space to a thousand students and researchers.

Our Ambition to Lead
The Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen…

  • is one of the largest chemical sites in Europe (800 hectares) with more than sixty companies;
  • has more than thirty chemical plants producing 7.5 million tons of products;
  • provides work to approximately 6,000 employees;
  • offers business opportunities in biomaterials, functional coatings, smart packaging, renewable energy, and automotive supply.

Opportunity in Limburg — The Advantages of Locating Here

Business opportunities in biomaterials, 3D printing technology, functional coatings, smart packaging, renewable energy, automotive supply.