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Key Industries

Agri-food and Nutrition

Agri-Food has a long-standing and deeply rooted relationship with the southern Netherlands. An important characteristic of the Agri-Food sector is its diversity including livestock and fish farming, and horticulture (fruit, vegetables, and trees) and the integrity of the supply and logistical chain including production, processing, knowledge-based institutions, supply, and distribution.

Horticultural Capital

The second largest horticultural region in Europe is centered in northern Limburg, known as Greenport Venlo. The new Brightlands “campus” is characterized by a large concentration of companies active in agribusiness and a large concentration of agricultural activities. There is also a strong agri-tech aspect that stems from the development of new, high-tech greenhouses and food processing machine construction.

The Venlo-Venray region—right on the German border in northern Limburg—has been hailed as the Netherlands’ “logistical hot-spot” for many years in a row: a great facilitator for food market supply and delivery.

Fresh Park Venlo is a fresh & food business park with an area of 130 hectares comprising an unprecedented clustering of companies, products and expertise in the field of fresh produce. Fresh Park Venlo is the home base of companies and suppliers, from growers to transport companies, from traders to packing companies, and from bulk te ready-to-cook fresh products. Meat, fish, dairy products, ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables - they all come together at Fresh Park Venlo. Whether you are interested in new products, innovations in the fields of storage and packaging or logistic developments - you will benefit from the great advantages of synergy.

In direct vicinity is situated Flora Trade Park Venlo. The companies based at Flora Trade Parc Venlo als have branches elsewhere in Europe, but each company's main branch is in Venlo, which makes Flora Trade Parc Venlo the most complete purchasing mail for the professional flower reseller!

What Limburg Has to Offer

  • Mature knowledge chain: cultivation, fresh produce, manufacturing, logistics and trade
  • 34 horticulture companies employing 24,000 people
  • 18,000 hectares of production area
  • 600 million turnover in fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants
  • 1 billion turnover including food processing, suppliers, logistics
  • 30 million consumer market within 2-hour distance

Our Ambition to Lead

Greenport Venlo aims to be Europe’s leading food and flower region.
  • It was the site of Floriade 2012 World Horticultural Expo with more than two million visitors;
  • Greenport Academy: top education for present and future entrepreneurs;
  • Fresh Centers of Excellence: education, research institutes, and business work together on innovation, and process and product development in the food chain.
  • The main agribusiness complexes in the region are:
  • Business Parks: Tradeport Oost and the ZON Fresh Park (127 hectares);
  • Greenhouse horticulture clusters California (235 hectares) and Siberia (200 hectares);
  • Agribusiness education and research institutes in Horst and Wageningen.
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International companies in Limburg