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Questions and Answers

Here are the answers to some main questions you could have. But, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help you find the perfect business solution or location.

Why is Limburg the perfect location for my business?

We give you three key words: language, location and knowledge. Read more.

What can LIOF do for me?

When considering a new business location in Limburg, the project managers from the FID team is your guide and mentor. We offer objective advice about your choice of location, form preliminary orientation to final implementation.

Is LIOF related to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)?

LIOF is the regional partner of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.

What are the main areas of industry in Limburg?

The strength of Limburg lies in the following areas: Agri-food & Nutrition, European Logistics, Information Technology, Life Sciences & Health, Chemicals and Materials en High-Tech Systems.

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