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The Limburg proposition

LIOF offers interesting propositions for business location. We are the central contact point for entrepreneurs outside Limburg, interested in coming to our province. And, once you have located here, LIOF will remain your point of contact. We ensure that your organization settles in well and that you are permanently anchored in Limburg’s business network and continue to develop here.

By combining our vast understanding of business location with the benefits of coming to Limburg, we can offer each customer a customized solution. “No can do” is not in our vocabulary. We always find a solution. After you’ve settled in, we can offer you access to relevant regional, national, and European partnerships and networks. We remain your contact for all the questions and problems that might come your way—whether you aim to expand, give shape to your product development, or find new business partners across Europe.

The story of Sikko Zoer, Medtronic

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